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Sale price: 0 EUR
million Ft
County: Somogy
City: Siófok
Main details
Floors of the building: 4
Size: 1114 m2
Size of site: 1801 m2
More details
Invest in a profitable business !!
EXCLUSIVE 4-star Bali Luxury Boutique Hotel for sale on ARANYPARTON, WITH THE LATEST AND LEGISLATIVE TECHNICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS! Hotel is located in the elegant ÓDON VILLASORA. Thanks to its outstanding capabilities it offers an excellent investment opportunity.
Newly built in the spring of 2018, he started his work in the summer with a full house, with an excellent Sushi restaurant section.

In the design of the hotel, the choice of NATURAL and LUXURY building materials and equipment was a priority. / natural stone, oil paintings, lava stone sculptures, rare wood furniture, HD TV with 4000 channels, free android mobile phones for guests with unlimited internet and telephone calls. There is also a separate two-storey building outside of the main building, its location and facilities due to its enormous potential.
The hotel can be expanded with wellness services - ready to go, special plans are available. If everything is done on the basis of current ideas, this hotel will be unique in Hungary.
If your ad has aroused your interest, you need more information or floor plans or you would like to consider this curiosity of luxury real estate personally, call the Grandcenter Realty Agency number!
1.114 nm 2 millió EURO+ 27% Áfa Tax .2.4 mil Euro +Áfa including 3rd building with indoor wellness center and conference.
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